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Another classic scam by the self proclaimed master of scams. I wouldn't expect nothing less from Eddy. The design really brings the Eds...

by Ebsie

The design is very impressive. You have obviously spent a good amount of time on this, as the design is very lifelike. I don't see any ...


Shishi's File
"Everyone has a past. Whether you're a disgruntled war veteran wanting to lie low from a bunch of enemies, or a Hyūga just wanting a new life, a life as a spy is a good opportunity. You get the chance to erase your past, but they get to keep those records for safe keeping, just to make sure that if you rebel, they can put a burn notice on you and make sure you'll never live a normal life again." - Shishi Honpou
Shishi Honpou
"Shishi Honpou (獅子奔放, Lit. Rampant Lion) is a defector from the village of Jikanogakure. Having stolen the village's experimental set of armor meant to arm the guards in the onset of an inevitable war, she left the village behind and looked towards the horizons, ready to face anything that gets in the way of the one she cares about."

Edit: Redesigned the picture entirely.
Songbird Serenade
So I hadn't done this kind of art in quite some time, years at the least. But seeing Sia's music video for Rainbow gave me some inspiration, so I figured I'd draw her persona,  Songbird Serenade.
Tarragon's Old Uniform
"As the threat of war loomed ever closer, Tarragon dons his old armor for the last time, ready to push back the dark forces threatening Earth."

Edit: Shortened the thumb.
Mystic Articho
"Articho always believed that to achieve one's full potential, they should reach for it themselves. Taking this belief to heart, Articho constantly rewrote what the limits were that her body could endure. Over and over, she pushed herself beyond every plateau and continued to peak, until finally, she unleashed all of her potential, gaining a significant boost in power."
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: History of Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire
  • Watching: MATN plays Rome: Total War
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
So I've been eyeing stock on the Nintendo Switch hoping to get one so I can finally play Breath of The Wild, which I own the special edition of, and the only stock that's available, even on official store sites like Walmart, are sold by scalpers for ludicrous prices. People who buy these consoles en masse only to resell them at a higher price are a scourge to people who want just the console itself without having to pay the equivalent price of a bundle pack or even higher. I've seen the Nintendo Switch by itself with the grey Joy-Con controllers selling as high as $600 on eBay. And if they have just Breath of the Wild bundled with it? Some go as high as a thousand bucks. Scalpers are a scourge to the gaming community, and I honestly think Nintendo needs to do what Bethesda did when they started pre-orders of the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4. Limit online purchases of the Switch to two units at the most. That way people actually have a chance of getting a Switch without being robbed by exorbitant prices.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A little about me. I'm 23., I enjoy anime, video games, and whatnot. I like to play guitar and piano. I enjoy many different types of music, music genre doesn't matter to me. What matters is whether or not the song is good.

:iconjamiestamp1::iconjamiestamp2: :iconpleasefavorcommplz1::iconpleasefavorcommplz2: :iconclassicmusicplz1::iconclassicmusicplz2: :iconzeldastamp1::iconzeldastamp2: :iconkill2stones1plz::iconkill2stones2plz: :iconzeldastampplz::iconzeldastamp2plz: :iconitalktomyself1::iconitalktomyself2::iconnintendorkstamp1plz::iconnintendorkstamp2plz::iconproudtobegeek1plz::iconproudtobegeek2plz::iconquestionstampplz::iconquestionstampplz2::icondawnstamp1plz::icondawnstamp2plz::iconcoconutstampplz::iconcoconutstampplz2:

Current Residence: A quiet little farm where the only noise you hear is the thunder and nature.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, and New Age
MP3 player of choice: Salvania 4GB
Shell of choice: Konch Shell
Favourite cartoon character: Marie Kanker from EEnE
Personal Quote: Everyone starts off the same; A stone of marble, untouched by time and age. The things we do chip away at the stone like a chisel and hammer. One mistake might chip off too much, but by accepting our mistakes, we can make do by touching up on the cracks and blemishes. At the end of our lives, we are a magnificent statue, carved by the steps we took, the things we had done.




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