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EEnE - Date Scam by Simina-Cindy

Another classic scam by the self proclaimed master of scams. I wouldn't expect nothing less from Eddy. The design really brings the Eds...

Amy Lee Commission by Ebsie
by Ebsie

The design is very impressive. You have obviously spent a good amount of time on this, as the design is very lifelike. I don't see any ...


You Can Hide, But You Can't Run by Gariandos
You Can Hide, But You Can't Run
"You can hide, but you can never run. Come on, boys, let's have some fun."

So Five Nights at Freddy's 4 has been officially released. To commemorate its release, I cobbled this together, Dipper and Denton trying to uncover the mysteries of a mysterious series of murders in a particular house. Have they bitten off more than they can chew?

Edit: Added shading to Fredbear. Added some text.
Breakfast by Gariandos
Dipper: Denton, how come you never get bedhead? You toss and turn when you're asleep more than Mabel and I combined.

Denton: I never tamed my hair, so it goes where it wants.
Adult Denton Digital + Bio by Gariandos
Adult Denton Digital + Bio
Decided to make a digital redo of the picture after installing Sai on my mom's computer.

Name: Denton Baker

Age: 21

Likes: Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Stanley Pines, Stanford Pines, Soos, Wendy, Waddles, Reading

Dislikes: Complete Silence, Isolation, Bill Cipher

Bio: Denton Baker is an astute theoretical physicist who has made Gravity Falls his home for the past nine years after moving there from Oklahoma when he was 12. There, he was recognized as a child genius, passing even the most difficult courses the school had to offer. By the ninth grade, he was studying string theory and its effects on the potential for time travel. By the time he was in the tenth grade, he solved the remainder of Hilbert's Problems, a set of mathematical theories that had plagued mathematicians and physicists for the better part of a century. By the eleventh grade, he rebuilt the perpetual motion machine Stanford made all those years ago and managed to rebuild it using a clockwork mechanism system versus the electrical system Stanford used. When he graduated from the twelfth grade, Denton had cracked the equation necessary to make time travel possible. Throughout all of this, he had the Pines twins helping him through everything from experiments to writing down equations. The time he spent with the twins built up a relationship between him and Mabel and they began dating in the ninth grade. After their graduation, Denton asked for her hand in marriage, which she agreed to. But a year after their marriage, everything started taking a turn for the worse, when sudden shifts in his timeline began breaking apart everything he knew.

Mabel and Dipper disappeared, a newspaper article showing they had died nine years ago. He had to get to the bottom of this, so he began developing a personal time machine from a tape measure by developing a stabilized wormhole portal that fit within the tape measure. This prevented feedback flowing in and out of the portal by creating a protective casing around it. From there, he founded the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron and developed multiple copies of his time travel device. From there, he had one of the agents go into the future to select a viable leader, who selected the Time Baby as leader of the squadron. From there, everyone in the squadron began looking into the time anomalies that was occurring, with Blendin starting his search in the 1960s. Denton, on the other hand, went back to 2012 to try and find if the timeline altercation happened there. His travel was earlier than he had hoped, as the portal Stanley opened to rescue Stanford interfered with his time portal and the two intersected with each other. It was here that he began helping the Pine twins search for anything that might have caused his timeline to be thrown into chaos.
Random Sketch: Denton and Mabel Dancing by Gariandos
Random Sketch: Denton and Mabel Dancing
Another sketch I piddled with. Applied a vintage filter to it to kind of give an oldey feeling to it. Once again, taken with my phone camera.
Random Sketch: Adult Denton by Gariandos
Random Sketch: Adult Denton
This is a sketch I did while I'm visiting my mom's and step dad's. Their scanner doesn't work so I took the picture with my phone.
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Naruto Fanon RPs
  • Watching: YouTube videos
  • Playing: Fallout New Vegas
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Fallout fans, break out your Pip-Boys and set those clocks. We have a release date for Fallout 4 set for November 10th. The game that we've been waiting seven years for has arrived, and it shall be made available on Tuesday, November 10th


Gariandos's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A little about me. I'm 21, I enjoy anime, video games, and whatnot. I like to play guitar and piano. I enjoy many different types of music, music genre doesn't matter to me. What matters is whether or not the song is good.

:iconjamiestamp1::iconjamiestamp2: :iconpleasefavorcommplz1::iconpleasefavorcommplz2: :iconclassicmusicplz1::iconclassicmusicplz2: :iconzeldastamp1::iconzeldastamp2: :iconkill2stones1plz::iconkill2stones2plz: :iconzeldastampplz::iconzeldastamp2plz: :iconitalktomyself1::iconitalktomyself2::iconnintendorkstamp1plz::iconnintendorkstamp2plz::iconproudtobegeek1plz::iconproudtobegeek2plz::iconquestionstampplz::iconquestionstampplz2::icondawnstamp1plz::icondawnstamp2plz::iconcoconutstampplz::iconcoconutstampplz2:

Current Residence: A quiet little farm where the only noise you hear is the thunder and nature.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, and New Age
MP3 player of choice: Salvania 4GB
Shell of choice: Konch Shell
Favourite cartoon character: Marie Kanker from EEnE
Personal Quote: Don't change who you are just because someone wants you to. If you do, just who are you, now?

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