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EEnE - Date Scam by Simina-Cindy

Another classic scam by the self proclaimed master of scams. I wouldn't expect nothing less from Eddy. The design really brings the Eds...

Amy Lee Commission by Ebsie
by Ebsie

The design is very impressive. You have obviously spent a good amount of time on this, as the design is very lifelike. I don't see any ...


Castitas Profile by Gariandos
Castitas Profile
Name: Castitas

Kanji: 貞操

Romanji: Teisou

Age: 31

Notable Traits: Head of Konohagakure's Medical Division. Perfect memory of physical anatomy. Produced groundbreaking theories in the fields of medicine.

Rank: Jōnin

Notable Skills: Chakra Scalpel. Eight Gates (Used For Medical Studies)

Bio: Castitas is a renowned medic in Konohagakure, who excels in the fields of medicine and physical studies. Having been raised within Konohagakure after being orphaned following a disease that swept his home village in the Land of Lightning, he was taught everything in the ways of medicine and medical ninjutsu. Whenever he'd grow old enough to understand a particular concept, his family would continue his studies into more advanced studies. For years, Castitas kept at his studies until he learned everything they had to teach him. From there, he began teaching himself, furthering the fields of medicine by introducing groundbreaking methods of administering medication. But medicine wasn't the only thing was excelling at, but also physical studies. After mastering the fields of medicine, Castitas began studying the human anatomy in and out until he gained an absolute memory of every nerve point in the body. Some members of the prestigious Hyuga clan have made claim that if he were a Hyuga, he'd be one of the most powerful in their clan.

His studies had eventually hit a brick wall when he began studying the illusive Eight Gates. He wanted to know why the Eight Gates worked the way it did. So, at the age of twenty three, Castitas began teaching himself how to break the body's chakra gates, eight inhibitors that keep the body safe. He knew just how dangerous the Eight Gates were, having documented autopsy reports and firsthand accounts of its usage. Deciding to stay at the first gate, Castitas began his studies, thoroughly documenting every effect the Eight Gates had on the body. After three years of extensive studies on the Eight Gates, he concluded that the Eight Gates is activated upon a release of epinephrine, which combines with the body's flow of chakra. Due to an increase of chakra during the activation of the Eight Gates, the adrenaline and chakra break past the body's physical inhibitors. From there, he began studying the notorious red skin upon the activation of the third gate. He theorized that the red skin is caused by blood rushing towards the surface of the skin, trying to insulate it from the friction caused by the massive speed boost.

The damage done to the body is the result of the same thing that happens when the body is over exerted with exercise. The muscles don't have enough time to recover from strenuous use and begin to tear. Eventually, the blood is unable to keep insulating the friction. He concludes that this would explain why when the Eighth Gate is used, the body looks charred. Continuing on that conclusion, he speculates that the skin is no longer protected by the blood, which begins flowing down towards the organs to keep them safe. This leaves the skin defenseless against the tremendous friction, which begins to cook the skin. This is most apparent at the final gate. Eventually, that heat sinks down into the body, frying the body's internal organs. He believes death is caused by a combination of heart failure and brain death, both organs being essentially fried by the intense heat. His theories in his studies of the Eight Gates, combined with his pristine medical and physical knowledge, allowed him to become head of the medical division at the age of twenty six.
Quiet Rage by Gariandos
Quiet Rage
"Being a calm and kind hearted man, Castitas rarely ever has to rely on anger. But he is a passionate man, and will do anything to ensure the safety of those around him, even it if means breaking his most sacred oath, "First do no harm." If he feels any particular person deserves his unshakable anger, he lets them now beforehand. Very few people have ever managed to anger him, and they had to go to great lengths, performing unforgivable deeds to ever manage to move him. Needless to say, those that survived his fury still look over their shoulder to this day."
You think I liked being raised this way? by Gariandos
You think I liked being raised this way?
I didn't get to choose how I was raised, it was forced on me!

Sort of a followup to the picture I colored the other day, but this one drawn by me, instead. Not quite the caliber of the last picture in term of lineart since I don't have an art tablet, but it's enough for me.

Pacifica Northwest: (c) Alex Hirsch

Edit: Fixed her shoulder a bit on the left side.
Fine. I didn't care anyway! Colored Version by Gariandos
Fine. I didn't care anyway! Colored Version
So a few months back, :iconchadrocco: did a lineart picture of Pacifica from Gravity Falls. Since I was bored and liked how the picture turned out, I decided I'd kill a little time and color it out.

Original Art: (c) :iconchadrocco:

Pacifica Northwest: (c) Alex Hirsch
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So a good friend of mine, :iconnikkoleon: is in some dire need of help. She and her husband have been trying to find an apartment, but because the last apartment they were in, which was corporation-owned, gave a negative review on them because he husband lost his job and couldn't afford the rent, every single corporation based apartment denies them a place to rent. So she needs the money to help hopefully find her and her husband a normal apartment for them to live in. If you could, try and help her out by donating. If not, try to spread the word. It's rather unfair that someone with a criminal record can rent the apartment out at the cost of a deposit, but if someone has a spotless record, never committed a crime in their life, manages to get one little negative review, the dominoes start to fall like they're the enemy.


Gariandos's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A little about me. I'm 21, I enjoy anime, video games, and whatnot. I like to play guitar and piano. I enjoy many different types of music, music genre doesn't matter to me. What matters is whether or not the song is good.

:iconjamiestamp1::iconjamiestamp2: :iconpleasefavorcommplz1::iconpleasefavorcommplz2: :iconclassicmusicplz1::iconclassicmusicplz2: :iconzeldastamp1::iconzeldastamp2: :iconkill2stones1plz::iconkill2stones2plz: :iconzeldastampplz::iconzeldastamp2plz: :iconitalktomyself1::iconitalktomyself2::iconnintendorkstamp1plz::iconnintendorkstamp2plz::iconproudtobegeek1plz::iconproudtobegeek2plz::iconquestionstampplz::iconquestionstampplz2::icondawnstamp1plz::icondawnstamp2plz::iconcoconutstampplz::iconcoconutstampplz2:

Current Residence: A quiet little farm where the only noise you hear is the thunder and nature.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, and New Age
MP3 player of choice: Salvania 4GB
Shell of choice: Konch Shell
Favourite cartoon character: Marie Kanker from EEnE
Personal Quote: Don't change who you are just because someone wants you to. If you do, just who are you, now?

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